Saturday, December 7, 2013

Book Review : Asura Tale of the Vanquished

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
They say History is written by the victor perhaps thats true for mythology as well . Thats the premise of this book !

A wonderful story about the biggest villain but this time spoken from ravana's perspective . yet the story is just not about ravana but about his people about bhadra . the perfect name would really be bhadrayana . the story of the common man , his hardships , his victories (if any) and his failure . No matter who reads this book its just impossible to not fall in love with this character .

A very good attempt to humanize the gods and the so called Devil. Yet at some points i guess he does fail. ( i like amish for that reason , he is more logical than anand . but still anand does a better job :) )

A perfect book for some one who likes history,religion, mythology and fiction ...

P.S : North Indians and brahmins will be royally pissed off . so read on thy on own risk :P 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

5 Super Hot Android Apps

Disclaimer This post is for those who have just bought a new android or have not explored play store much . Veterans and droid junkies ,you may already be familiar with most of the apps I have mentioned below. so you may or may not find anything new here but your suggestions and advice will be taken seriously. 

1. MusiXmatch :

 This app is god send for those who love lyrics !!! . It has more than 7 million lyrics in 30 languages but the reason why i love this app is coz it synchronizes lyrics with the music i am listening to and has a very good library for lyrics. It can recognize songs from TV or radio by just one tap and gives you complete info about the song!

2. Fast File Transfer:

The best app for sending big files from one smartphone to other! The app uses Wi-Fi Tethering for establishing a connection between the devices but does not need the internet. It is 20 times faster than Bluetooth !!! I was able to transfer a 1 GB video file in just 5 mins !!! you can send single or multiple files to an android , bada , blackberry and even to an iPhone!!!! The only minimum requirement is that the receiving phone should have WiFi capabilities.

3. Trucaller

Trucaller is a Global directory where you can find anyone by name or number . This is still not the best feature of this app. This app is really helpful to avoid those pesky calls from HDFC, ICICI etc who are always trying to sell you one thing or the other. Trucaller does that by Flashing the name of the person who is calling you who are not even saved in your contact list !!!(3G will be required for this feature). It also gives you the option of blocking calls from specific numbers .

4. Dropbox:

Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. After you install Dropbox on your computer, any file you save to your Dropbox will automatically save to all your computers, your Android device, and even the Dropbox website! With the Dropbox app, you can take everything that matters to you on the go.

Swiftkey 3 right now is the No.1 paid App on google play. This app is a future update of swift key 3 and is right now in beta stage and is not available on google play. It has all the features of swift key 3 and more. You can type without lifting you finger by just gliding on the screen . It has lovely animations and makes typing a lot more fun. . The best part is that it has language support for "HINGLISH" and is absolutely free ! So download it ASAP before they make it a paid version!

So guys these were AP's 5 APps of the week. I have some more apps which i am testing right now.If you liked my review or if you have a better app than the one I have added over here than please let me know by dropping a comment.  Come back next week for more such apps. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tweak to convert your laptop into a virtual router !!

I was thinking of buying a WiFi router to connect my 2 laptops and a smartphone. Luckily found this sweet tweak which made my laptop a virtual router . You dont have to use any software like connectify or virtual router (one is paid version and the other is open source but sucks big time). 

First time , I am proud of Microsoft. Never knew Windows 7's  Native technology could provide an in-built access point or a virtual wifi!  Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter Windows 7 has an excellent in-built utility, Wireless Hosted Network (Virtual Wifi) technology, that makes your computer, a wireless access point and you can connect all your network devices by sharing a single internet connection through your computer or laptop. Here’s how to set it up.

1.   Open command prompt with Administrator privileges. (You can do it by going to start menu/all programs/accessories, right clicking on command prompt and selecting “Run as administrator”).
2.   Enter the following command: 
     netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Test key=YOUR PASSWORD GOES HERE
     Keep this window open as you will need it later (This will create a wireless access-point with SSID of “Test” Windows-7-Wifi-Setup).
3.   Open the Networks and Sharing Center.
4.   Select your mode of connecting to the internet (ethernet, wi-fi, cable etc.).
5.   Click on properties then  the sharing Tab and check "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection" . Also select wireless connection 2 (virtual wifi) from the drop down. 
6.   Start it with the following command:  
     netsh wlan start hostednetwork

Enjoy :) 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Are you a Rebel or a Nonconformist ?

“Think Different”. The perfect tagline a Rebel can ever have but yet can we define a Rebel on just the ability that he thinks differently from others? By that logic there is absolutely no difference between a Rebel and a nonconformist.

I have met many people who are proud of being a nonconformist but what does it actually mean? Is a nonconformist a person whose behaviour or views do not conform to prevailing ideas or practices? Or is a he person who breaks the conventional ideas prevailing in society and makes a major dent in the universe. Sadly, the latter can never be true for a nonconformist and that in itself is a major difference between a Nonconformist and a Rebel!

I agree that the demarcation between the above two argument is not very clear. So before understanding the differences let’s observe the similarities. We are bound to the society by rules, dogma and the opium for the masses (read religion). A person who defies all these rules and dogma; and challenges the conventional ideas is both a Rebel and a nonconformist. Sadly, the similarities tend to end over here.

A Nonconformist defies prevailing ideas just to challenge the society. A Nonconformist is a Maverick; he defies society just to standout. A nonconformist is the one who will walk to north if asked to head to south. The person will always do exactly the opposite of what we ask him/her to do. This is the reason why a nonconformist can never be a Rebel! The sole reason being a nonconformist can be manipulated; just by asking him to do the opposite of what we want! A nonconformist that way is just a puppet in the hands of the society.

A Rebel on the other hand, is an idea! He is also the “IDIOT” who mocks conventional wisdom, breaks rules, defies authority and has no respect for the status quo. For this reason, they are always labelled as the trouble makers! Like Mahatma Gandhi who was labelled by britishers, like martin Luther king by the Whites or like ANNA HAZARE by the Congress. If history tells us something, it is that the people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do!

Inspiration: Osho (The Rebel)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Je m'appelle Bill gates

(My name is Bill gates)
- A Sarcastic blog!

Hi . I know you were expecting Mr change to continue with what he had started but then he decided to change ;) . He wanted Mr Steve jobs to continue with this blog but then considering the health of Mr Jobs right now; he decided to give me the opportunity of taking the onus of completing this blog.

IBM was facing a big problem to enter the market of desktop computers. They didn’t have a clue about how they were going to make hardware for it on such a small scale nor about the operating system. This is what made me and INTEL rich! I am not an egotist so won’t talk about my life story as to how it possibly happened. Instead I am going to talk about my Ex-Boss, the hippie named STEVE JOBS...

The only feeling which everyone shares with their boss is extreme loathe and vexation. I am no different. People have a very wrong image about Steve jobs; he is a visionary, he is a great leader, he is a global icon blah blah. He is just an arrogant and domineering personality with Antipodean methods. PERIOD!

People say he invented personal computers, bullshit! The first personal computer was Altair 8800 which wasn’t an apple innovation. he might have added some zing to the boring computer to make it sellable but then facts are facts . The guy is no innovator he just copies things from totally unrelated fields into what he does and he has the audacity to say that windows is a copy of Mac :I . Don’t believe me? then hear this out , there is a power cord which apple provides for its laptop called MagSafe , which is basically a magnet and whenever you accidently get tangled in the power cord wires u don’t have to helplessly see ur laptop crash on the ground since the magnet easily detaches itself from the laptop. I know it sounds flashy but do u know he STOLE this idea from a Japanese rice cooker!

People say you can find innovation even in the name of the company itself since during those times company and electronics products always had technical names, the reason why jobs gave his company name as Apple was to make the name appealing and approachable to average people. So that even an average person could buy his product blah blah . I can’t believe some people actually believe this shit and have started naming their products as orange, blackberry etc etc . you want to know the real reason ? The guy used to get high in an ALL-ONE farm which used to grow APPLES! hence the name. PERIOD!

People say that Steve jobs doesn’t sell products, he sells dreams! He had the vision of creating an ecological system, a digital hub .hence he came up with iPod , iPhone and finally iPad. Of course, also convincing some foolish developers to develop apps for his iphone , the idiotic music industry to sell their music through iTunes. He is just a salesman! Who is playing with the minds of simpletons alike!

Anyway, the only reason why Apple has managed to survive is because of this excellent salesman. God knows what will happen to Apple after” 6 weeks”. Maybe when the stocks will crash I might buy the entire company ;-) (I still have a small stake in it). Anyway boo apple and boo Steve jobs.

Long Live THE Windows!

P.S: This was a sarcastic take on Apple. I really don’t think anyway is gonna agree with bill gates here. I hope I managed to communicate that point. If anyone wants to know more about Steve Jobs I would suggest they read “The Innovation Secrets of STEVE JOBS” by Carmine Gallo. An excellent book on what makes Steve Jobs a synonym for innovations.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Je m'appelle Change

Hi, My Name is Change. You might have seen me a lot in your life, you would have also cursed me a lot that too on a regular basis but still for some reason I am the one who has always been with u and will never leave u but that doesn’t mean I am kind ; I can be ruthless for those who fail to understand me or are unwilling to accept me in their life but on the same lines I can also be benevolent to those who greet me with alacrity and are willing to walk by my side.

I am not here to enrich your life but only to share my experiences with you. ......

Once upon a time, there was a small company called Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation, I really don’t think anyone wanna know what they used to do but one fine day they called me and told me that they wanna make a monstrous machine which could compute and record humongous quantity of data . I decided to go with them and thus was born, International Business Machines these days u people call them IBM .

Everything was going fine but then the owners started ignoring me and became quite arrogant of their new found success. They thought their grandiose oozing monster or what they call it “Mainframes” was enough for the business world they even had the audacity to think that just 5 mainframes were enough for the entire world and how can computers be of any use for an average Joe. I mean during those times even a hippie singing hare rama hare krishna , knew that computers had potential ! That’s the reason why I wasn’t surprised when my words came true and that hippie was, Steve Jobs.

Steve was a man of vision, a man of passion, a connoisseur of art and music that’s the reason why u can find all those things in his work. He was the man who had the vision that a computer is not a monster but can be fun and interactive. It was his vision to have a monitor, a keyboard and also the mouse and GUI*, which at that time was a project under Xerox Company, who failed to fathom it's significance handed over to Steve, open access to their “project” which he fully and truly exploited. He even had an awe inspiring persuasive skill, that’s the reason why he was able to steal the CEO of Pepsi-cola to his company that had just started out!(it's an another thing that the same CEO fired him after a few years) But then arrogance and narcissism is a part of human nature which i really detest, it can even rust the finest sword and Steve was no exception. Steve thought software was an accessory, something which is given for free along with his Godly hardware; he never thought of making money from the software and thus never sold it without the hardware. His rule was if u need the software then buy the hardware, little did he know that a college dropout was about to ruin his life.

IBM, my old friend decided to finally walk with me and enter the market of desktop computers but it had two major problems. They didn’t have a clue about how they were going to make hardware for it, on such a small scale nor about the operating system. Software still was considered a complementary thing so they asked a college dropout to make that for them and for hardware they outsourced it to a small company called INTegrated ELectronics, little did they know that they were on the verge of giving birth to the two biggest giants the world had ever seen..........

------to be continued

as Narrated to Abhishek Padukone

Friday, August 7, 2009


Majority, that's the word on which the entire democracy is built.Its not peoples rule its the rule of the its not astonishing(ya i am liberal with the word astonishing) when people say that, what majority thinks is always right!
Humans are always afraid of the things which they don't understand and that's the reason why there is such wide spread hatred for homosexuals from the "Majority".

The reason why i choose to write on this topic is, the other day i was having a chat with one of my friend(we will call her PC, if i include her name i am sure she will kill me lol) and eventually this topic came up. she had the same misconceptions which i used to have.i wasn't surprised by the statements she made coz that's the exact thing which is going inside the minds of the majority and at some point even i used to share the same the end of the discussion i was able to change her mind which eventually gave me the idea to write on this topic and clear the air for the poor souls.
i am writing this blog in a dialogue format( PC is my friend's name and i am ...... AP)
(some statements i have added on my own which i thought should be included but were not raised by PC).

PC: Homosexuality is a western concept
AP: Now u might be astonished by my answer but homosexuality is not a western concept.actually its not even a concept its a reality!
.In retrospect, the section 377 was not written by an Indian it was written by a British lord. when lord Macaulay wrote 377, it was a time when the western world was homophobic . they even burnt a gay live on a cross! so it was the western world which brought homophobia to India because before 377 India was sexually free! . i am sure ur still not satisfied by my theory so lets c her 2nd statement.

PC: Homosexuality is not a part of Indian culture.
AP: Actually it is! right from Sikhandi in mahabharat(the one who is the reason why bhishma dies!) to kamasutra or the khajuraho temple all talk about homosexuality which is not true for western culture.In fact, in indian culture an eunuch's blessing is considered as a good omen for a newborn child. was there a single homosexual in western culture ? so how can homosexuality be a western influence.the only reason why people associate it as western influence is because western people are broadminded and they did not have a obnoxious arrogant reticent attitude like we do!

PC: Homosexuality causes aids
AP: First of all diseases don't have sexual orientations."One has an equally high chance of contracting HIV/AIDS through vaginal sex as with anal sex.For people concerned with contracting the virus through anal or vaginal sex, the best way to prevent from contracting this disease is to know your partner's sexual history and of course use protection".(the lines inside the double quotes are not written by me, i got it from a doctor friend)

PC: Homosexuality is against nature.
AP: Its quite unfair to say that what we do is natural and what they do is unnatural.coz like us even they r a part of nature and thus are humans and not freaks!
but than that's not a proper reasoning so if u need facts.... how about this,Homosexual behavior does occur in the animal kingdom outside humans, especially in social species, particularly in marine birds and mammals, monkeys, and the great apes. Homosexual behavior has been observed among 1,500 species, and in 500 of those it is well documented!
To turn the approach on its head: No species has been found in which homosexual behavior has not been shown to exist, with the exception of species that never have sex at all, such as sea urchins and aphis. Moreover, a part of the animal kingdom is hermaphroditic, truly bisexual. For them, homosexuality is not an issue.I am sure like us even animals are part of if homosexuality is natural among other species of nature then how does it become unnatural among humans?

PC: Homosexuality is a mental disease and they need psychiatric help
AP: i was not able to to give a proper reasoning against this statement so had to search online for it and got these lines from an actual gay person:(his orkut name is Thor aka T)
"well, having struggled with homosexuality since the age of 13 to 14, having tried to 'cure' it and having had to finally confront the fact that it couldn't be 'cured' (that is never feel same-sex-attraction in a way that I don't have to repress anything anymore)".
we think its a mental disease coz we were wired to believe that homosexuality is a crime its unnatural etc etc what we fail to understand is that, it is a reality and that what they really need is not any treatment but support from the people they love(as in their friends and parents)

I guess the blog is becoming too huge so to sum up, everyone has the right to live a life of dignity and have the right for privacy.Homosexuals are no different because even they are humans and even they deserve.............FREEDOM!

P.S: India has got a population of more than a billion, a couple of homos is gonna be a big help ;-)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I just saw Anger Management for the second time. The movie is exhilarating(lol couldn't think of a better adjective than this one). It is the kind of movie which makes u think and forces u to introspect . The people who have seen this movie wouldn't agree with me and would just think that i am trying to adulate the movie and i am being grandiloquent with my blog because there are only two kind of people who wont like the movie the ones who hate Adam Sandler(which r very very few) and the others who think they don't have an anger issue!

Talking about the movie,the thing which i liked the most about it was when Jack Nicholson talks about the two anger clubs.The first one is the active anger club , who r intimidated on the drop of a hat. They are constantly angry and are always on the hunt for weak souled people,so that they can vent out their anger on them.They use anger to hide their weakness and justify it by saying that its their nature and cant be changed. They have an inveterate anger issue while the other kind which is more intriguing belong to the passive anger club.The astonishing thing is that each and everyone of us are divided only in these two clubs! but before i go on about the passive anger club lets see what the word Personality means.

Personality, this is a very common word used and heard by majority of us at one time or another.(sorry for drifting away from the main topic i guess i share the feminine quality of being discursive in nature lol, no need to ponder on it because the similarity ends there!). Etymologically speaking,the word Personality has a very powerful origin.It is derived from the Latin word "Persona".Persona literally means the mask that is worn over the face by the actor on the stage.The actor in an unknown , anonymous being who remains intrinsically aloof from the play.The real being is concealed and veiled in the costumes of the play and what the audience sees is just the persona and are oblivious to the actors true self. the actor exploits this oblivious nature of the audience and show them what they want to see, hiding the reality of his true being and giving them a false "Perception" by his brilliant acting skills.The people who belong to the passive anger club always wear this "Persona"!

Now coming back to the movie , Jack Nicholson narrates a nice story to adam sandler about passive anger, the story goes something like, there was a bank employee named varun(the name is fictitious) who was always very quite and polite in nature.He was an introvert with morality and veracity dripping from him and because of his silent nature one of his colleague (we will call him.... Sandy) Sandy used to think of him as a soft target and used to vent out other people's anger on him and since he never used to reply back to the uncalled for anger, varun was always his favorite punchbag. Each and everyday Sandy used to bash varun verbally for even the slightest mistake one could make.Sandy's entire anger be it because of his boss, his wife or his pesky neighbors was showered on the poor soul, varun.
Finally a day came when varun took a shotgun and blew up Sandy's brain all over the office

I guess now u might know in which club u fall!
The entire movie was on the passive anger club,where adam sandler used to suffer from passive anger.The thing which i "perceived" was those who compress their anger and never let it out always vent out their anger aggressively and always suffer its consequences . Its a nice thing to control your anger but acting like your immune to it doesn't help.To avoid this one can try to be assertive(but not aggressive) i.e stating clearly whenever something makes u angry and try to vent it out at that moment itself so that it doesn't give a false impression to others that u can be taken for granted!

If you are from the active anger club I can only advice u that whenever u feel angry try to imagine something which makes u happy or calms u down, it can be a picture of someone or a beautiful scenery of snow capped mountains, whatever works for u or just get out of that situation for sometime or if its because of some person stop talking to them whenever they make u angry and then try to put yourself in their place and then try to analyze whether what they
said to u was valid or not. This way u will be able to understand that person much better and u would also not have any remorse of saying things which u never meant to say! because an
Angry friend's words are always more hurtful than an enemies disparaging comments......

P.S. : Anger is a weak man's imitation of strength ......

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Sorry people for the long hiatus between my last blog n this one. I was lost in numbers so couldn't think of any words to write a new blog(my cat(pun intended) is making me brain dead). anyway , since my friends have gone nuts reading about history i have decided to take a break n try to write on some different topics.

The other day i was watching this movie called charlie Wilson's war(tooooo good movie if u like history n war movies,tom hanks acting was simply awesome!) no need to close the window guys i am not gonna write about history here so relax! during the commercial break i watched a commercial by John Abraham the one in which he is trying to sell fairness cream for men by giving crap about instant results.i mean seriously fairness cream for men ? whats next r they going to offer us lipstick, mascara or tampons ?

The commercial though made me think how the entire male world has gone crazy towards metro sexuality. The best thing is some guys r using these female products n they try to get away with it by calling themselves metro sexual! but even then why suddenly there is this exponential rise in the metro sexual community is it because of civilization ? nope ....

I tried to search the answer to that in the arcane world of the internet n i came across this astonishing survey. According to this survey , 93.8% of females like guys who have a feminine face. The first word which came into my mind was BULLSHIT!(because that cuts down my pool of eligible girls to 6.2% ;-)) but then after giving some thoughts to it, i read the line again with the 93.8% figure in it and i tried to imagine Zac efron,Tom cruise , Owen wilson or Tobey maguire in my mind. voila ! the figure was right(my bad luck i guess)

i Guess that's the reason why there is this sudden rise in the metrosexual community. no wonder that maximum gays r from this metrosexual community because down the line they forget who they actually are!

Even then i guess its not their fault , we r stuck in this world of perception that we no longer know whats real. we perceive what we think is real, run behind this so called metro sexual celebrities.always chasing them so that we can be like them n no wonder where most of them end up.

Speaking of perception i remember a small story from my college days. i don't want to use real names so i am using fictional names here. The story is about raj and riya.raj was the kind of guy who always used to go out with beautiful girls one after the other his adventures not lasting for more than 2 months with any of them but for my surprise he was always very friendly with riya . riya was not that beautiful like the kind he used to go out with but not that bad either. both of them were great friends n had habits more common than a pair of twins. so one day i asked this guy, "if u really like to hang out with these plastic barbie girls than how come u share such a nice bond with riya " to which he replied, "these girls r pretty n beautiful but r damn boring . They always go on and on and on about how pretty they look n why they never understand why every guy likes them n do stupid things for them blah blah blah but the thing about riya is that she is cute n good looking but she doesn't have that air of arrogance or vanity n is too interesting n fun than any of those barbie girls put together" . so my next obvious question was " Then why do u hang out with them when u don't like their company ?" to which he replied "
" because dude ......... they are hotttt! "

If ur cursing raj , than lemme tell u we r no different than him like him even we r blinded by the world of perception.we always judge a book by its cover n weight and not by what lies inside of it !

i would like 2 share an anecdote about two eminent historical figures( common guys how can my blog b complete without adding history in it ;-) ).

we will call these two guys as X and Y,

Now here was Mr.X a non-vegetarian, who liked to drink ,had a lisp and stuttered whenever he used to speak, used to treat his wife very badly etc etc

while Mr. Y was a vegetarian, highly disciplined, non alcoholic, a great orator n used to love dogs

Now the people who r stuck in the world of perception might think that Mr Y is better than Mr. X !

The truth is however very paradoxical, cause Mr. X's name is Winston Churchill while Mr.Y's
name is ADOLF HITLER !

P.S : A small tip to the metrosexual community , Instead of wasting ur time on fairness creams, pink coloured attire, earrings, manicure, body waxing etc etc try gauging what kind of person u really are. Its better to be a unique nobody than being a bawdy somebody!

Monday, May 18, 2009

The rise and fall of L.T.T.E

The world's dangerous terrorist organization which has killed more than 60,000 people which is more than the rest of the terrorist organization put together!
And is the only terrorist organization which has its own air force!

The first country to declare L.T.T.E as a terrorist organization was India! (I added the exclamation because it was created by India!)and the organization has finally come down on its knees with the death of Velupillai Prabhakaran.....

I am sure your wondering that why India made LTTE, the reason for that is because of the close proximity of the island with India.The control of this island would cause major concern on the security of the southern part of India.(There is also a Chinese angle here,if u want to know about this angle please lemme know)And also India had a soft corner for the Tamils of before i go any further lets c the history of LTTE.

The Tamils were brought to Srilanka as slaves for working on the tea plantations by the Britishers and they mainly occupied the northern part of the island.why they brought the Tamils to srilanka is altogether a different story but after independence from the Britishers the Tamils which were a minority were not treated fairly by the Sinhalese people which caused a unjust feeling among the Tamils. The lankan government started making unfair laws n policies unfeasible for the Tamils. and thus a local party started fighting for the rights of the Tamils but they didn't have the proper funding for going against the lankan government this is where India came in . The prime minister during that time was Indira Gandhi she openly started funding that political organization whose leader "was" Prabhakaran n the name of the party was LTTE.The demands of LTTE were simple they wanted a autonomous country for the Tamils in the northern part of srilanka which the lanka government was against and thus started the great war between LTTE and the lankan government with the support of Indira Gandhi(This came to an end when they killed rajiv Gandhi why they killed him is again a nice story)

anyway,the death of Prabhakaran is a sad thing for the Tamils in srilanka since now the Tamils are at the mercy of the lankan government. i guess the lankan government should realize that instead of killing Tamils and treating them as a no good minority they should treat them as equals and not be unfair towards them so that it doesn't lead to a formation of a new LTTE like organization.

As far as India is concerned i guess the death of Prabhakaran is a boon for it.i know ur wondering why i am saying this .how can Prabhakaran's death be of any help to India. well consider this, if Prabhakaran had not died and if he was able to make the northern part of lanka autonomous or an independent country then what do u think would have been the next thing on his mind........... liberation of Tamilnadu!

Tamilnadu was never happy when Hindi was declared as the national language they took it as domination by the northern people since the government at that time had a majority of Hindi speaking leaders.They felt the same way how the tamils of Srilanka felt when sinhalese was made the national language in lanka!

i guess if u have ever been to tamilnadu or if u have ever come across any guy from Chennai u would know his feelings about the Hindi language. if u ever happen to go to chennai and if u don't know Tamil or have someone with u who knows Tamil it will be impossible for u 2 survive(this u wont find it in any of the southern states!). Tamil nadu is already like a different country all together, none of them know the national language they have their own national anthem! Even the ministers dream of an independent Tamil country and of friendship with Prabhakaran so just imagine if Prabhakaran would have survived n if he was able to make an independent country in lanka the first think after liberating the tigers would be 2 to liberate Tamil nadu from India. i know what i am saying is controversial and a lot of Tamil people are going to kick me for telling u their secret

but that's what the truth is !

P.S: 18th may is really a historic day for India since at this very day in the year of 1974(official date) India became a nuclear power by "successfully" detonating the first nuclear weapon and was the sixth nation to do so! ( pokhran, smiling Buddha , does that ring any bell ? )